We welcome visitors to the club at all times.  

Activity Member Visitor
Outdoor Tennis Court Hire


* If floodlights needed £2 per court per hour

£10 per court per hour 
Indoor Tennis Court Hire - Peak £14 per court per hour  £18 per court per hour
Indoor Tennis Court Hire - Off Peak £8 per court per hour  £12 per court per hour 
Squash, Table Tennis & Badminton Court Hire £2 per court per hour  £10 per court per hour 
Fitness Class FREE £6
Spinning Class £3 £6
Adult Gym Vistor   £7.50
Adult Racket Visitor accompanying member   £7.50
Junior Racket Visitor accompanying member   £3.75


1) A court payment is required unless you cancel 24hours before your booking 
2) A block booking is for a period of a school term and must be paid in advance