About Us

Draycott Sports Centre Ltd was founded in 1972 and is owned by its members and often known as Draycott Racquet & Fitness Club.  We are a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) and any money generated is re-invested into the clubs facilities.

We have a team of committed and dedicated staff and volunteers on hand to assist you and we are proud to keep the unique culture and feel of a small community club, but with big facilities and a range of activities.

Main Board

A team of volunteer directors make up the main board of the Club.

  • Keith Carder - Chairman
  • Mike Heath - Facilities
  • Danny Collins - Squash
  • Andy Burkitt - Legal & Welfare Officer


  • Jo Heath - Office & Function Co-ordinator
  • Ken Harold
  • Matt Heath
  • Lesley Heath
  • Jake Hopkin
  • Dagna Gadliauskiene
  • Val Ridlington


  • Val Ridlington - Tennis Fixtures
  • Louise Chandler - Wimbledon Ticket Ballot
  • Phil Lee - Bar / Office
  • Jenny Amison - Bar / Office


If you would like to contact the directors or staff with an idea, suggestion or comment then please email info@draycottfitness.com as we are always keen to hear from members.