Re opening FAQS

How do I book for the Gym?

You now need to book for the gym online as capacity is limited.  Please use the Book a Class tab and pick the day and time.  The image above shows you how to book  - please note if you have a valid membership it should not charge you. We appreciate part of the process does look to some like you may get charged.

Visitors will get charged £7.50 when they book the gym online.


How do I book for a Spinning or Fitness Class?

You now need to book for spinning and fitness classes online as capacity is limited.  Please use the Book a Class tab and pick the day and time.  If payment is required that will be taken at time of booking.


Can I book over the telephone or at reception?

I am afraid all bookings need to be via the website.


Is there a deadline to book a gym, fitness class or spinning session?

Yes, you need to book 1 hour before the session starts.


What if i need to cancel a booking for the gym, spinning or fitness class?

You will need to email the club as soon as possible to cancel a booking for these activities -  When you email the club please clearly state the date and time of the session you wish to cancel.  

If you have paid a refund will only be provided if 24 hours notice has been given.


What is the capacity for Gym, Spinning and Fitness Classes?

The capacity is – 12 in the Gym, 10 for Fitness Classes and 9 for Spinning Classes.  The capacity is based on government guidelines.


Do I need a temperature check?

Everyone who enters the building will require a temperature check at reception on arrival.  This includes gym, fitness, spinning, table tennis, squash and badminton users.


What has happened to the previous Premier Membership?

We have retired this membership category as it had a small number of members.  We also needed to simplify our membership categories to help manage the new online bookings for classes.  If you are currently a Premier Membership Monthly you need to cancel this membership and rejoin on another package.  If you are a Premier Membership Annual we will be in contact to discuss the options.


Do I still need to use the coin meters for Badminton & Squash?

You will now pay a small fee when you book online rather than use the meters.  We are keen to reduce the use of cash onsite.  The cost for members is just £2 for a 1 hour booking.


How far in advance can I book courts for tennis, squash and badminton?

Members can book 7 days in advance, non members can book 3 days in advance.


How far in advance can I book for fitness, spinning and the gym?

Everyone can book 7 days in advance.


How will you reduce social distancing between the end of one session and the start of another?

We have staggered the times of classes to create a gap.  We ask that if you have booked a gym, badminton or squash session for 1 hour that you leave 5-10 minutes before the end of your booking to avoid seeing the people that will follow you. 


Where is Table Tennis now held?

Table Tennis is now available in the Tennis Lounge and can be booked online.


Why can’t I book one of the squash courts?

We needed a storage area for some of the gym equipment so it is currently used for this.


Can I bring a non-member to play tennis with me?

Yes you can however, they should pay a visitors fee at reception using a card


I continued as a member during the period you were closed, what happens to my membership?

Everyone will be sent a direct email with the options available to you.  It may take us some time to get in touch with everyone so thanks in advance for your patience.  

If you have a junior tennis coaching membership via Smash Tennis, please contact them directly.


Can I play squash as normal?

Please read the latest squash information -


Can I play Badminton as normal?

Please read the latest badminton information - 


Can I play Tennis as normal?

Tennis is a great social distancing game.  All tennis activities can now restart although group capacity is capped.  Please read the latest LTA Advice - 


How do I find out about Local Restrictions and the rules?

Find out what tier youa re in via this website 

Find out about the rules for each tier via this website 


Are any of your facilities still closed?

The showers, bar and sauna will remain closed for the time being.


What measures have you put in place following Covid-19?

We have:

  • Increased the frequency of cleaning
  • Created a one way system to avoid people meeting in corridors
  • Limited the capacity of session by booking activities online
  • Marked out areas in the fitness studio and spinning studio
  • Minimised the use of cash on site
  • Introduced cleaning and hand sanitizer stations