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Following our post Monday evening, further details on playing tennis from Saturday is below:

🎾 Maximum of 2 people per court unless all players are from the same household.
🎾 You must book your tennis courts online and we can track usage via the CCTV system.
🎾 Avoid changing ends and stay at least 2m away from your opponent and those on the court next to you.
🎾 Only handle your own racket and personal (marked) tennis balls. You will need to bring your own balls & racket as we cannot hire rackets or sell balls.
🎾 Follow public health guidelines and do not play if you are unwell or self isolating.
🎾 The club building and indoor tennis centre will not be open which means no access to floodlights, toilets & first aid - do not try to enter as you will set the alarms off.
🎾 Members can book 1 week in advance, whereas non members can only book 1 day in advance. The cost for non-members is £10 per court per hour.
🎾 Members please check your membership up to date or re-join via the website.
🎾 We will be allowing Fitness Only members to play on the tennis courts during this period.
🎾 You are limited to 1 booking per day of 60 minutes or 90 minutes.
🎾 Please leave your court 10 minutes before your session finishes to create a buffer - when you leave please ensure you stay 2m away from everyone.
🎾 You can only have 1 booking per day at the moment, we may adjust based on demand.
🎾 We will only be opening Outdoor Tennis Courts 1 to 4, as we want to limit the number of people on site. We are pleased to inform you that maintenance has been completed on Outdoor Courts 1 and 2 which means they are now in excellent condition. Courts 5 & 6 will remain locked at the moment.
🎾 If you would like help in finding people to play or would be keen to play in a singles box league please drop us an email.
🎾 Smash Tennis will be offering individual lessons so please contact them directly via

Please read the LTA guidance for players before you play -…/lta-guidance-for-tennis-players---…

Please can we ask that everyone follows the above guidelines as we want you all to enjoy tennis in a safe environment.

You can now start to book courts via our website -

We hope you enjoy getting back oncourt.

Stay Alert



You will have seen that the government has decided that outdoor tennis (singles only) can now be played from Wednesday onwards.

We are planning to reopen the outdoor courts on Saturday 16 May as we need a number of days to arrange the booking rules, review the LTA Play Safe Guidelines and complete some essential maintenance to the courts & grounds.

The courts will remain locked until Saturday. We will communicate with you all in the near future on how to book courts and the guidelines to follow.

We look forward to restarting outdoor tennis this weekend.  Stay Alert.


I am sure you will have seen the latest announcement from our Prime Minister this evening. I am afraid to say this now means that we need to close the indoor facilities at the club from Saturday 21st March onwards due to the Coronavirus.

The outdoor tennis courts were closed from Tuesday 24th March.

Racket Sport Information:

  • SMASH Tennis have decided to close the coaching programme at Draycott for both juniors and adults until Easter.
  • All indoor tennis, badminton and squash bookings will be cancelled.

Membership Information:

  • Junior Members - SMASH Tennis would like you to continue your direct debits if possible as it will be an extremely difficult period for them as self-employed coaches. This support would help to keep SMASH Tennis afloat during this terrible period and ready to continue the coaching programme as soon as everything is back to normal. The sessions that are missed during this closure will be added back into the programme later in the years so that parents and players do not lose out.
  • Annual Members - we will look to extend your membership based on the period of time that the indoor facilities at the club are closed.
  • Monthly Members - we also ask you to continue your direct debits if possible during this period. Draycott is a members club run by volunteers and we will still have overheads during this period. We will look at ways of rewarding monthly members who continue as members during this period.

We understand that this is a difficult time for everyone - members, staff, self-employed tennis coaches, instructors & volunteers.

At this point in time we do not know when we will be able to fully reopen the club facilities, we will keep you updated of any changes via social media and email.

If you have any questions please contact us via: for tennis coaching for all other club enquiries

Please look after yourselves and we might see you on a tennis court in the near future.

Best Wishes and Keep in Touch