A Star Tutoring join as New Club Sponsor

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Draycott Racquet & Fitness Club are delighted to announce that A Star Tutoring has become a club sponsor, with a view to promoting sport and tennis to young people in our area.

A Star Tutoring are committed to the health and wellbeing of your children, and feel that sport is an excellent opportunity to promote both physical and mental health. As educators, we also strongly believe that sporting activities have a direct effect on the ways in which individuals perform in the classroom.

Students with sporting backgrounds tend to extend their sense of competition within the context of academic subject areas, which encourages them to set high targets for themselves, and to strive for better grades. We also find that the elements of team work found on the sports field are utilised appropriately in a classroom setting, which builds confidence and brings out leadership qualities.

At A Star Tutoring, our focus is based on working with smart parents, who aim for their children to achieve the best grades, in order to fulfil their future aspirations.

As a local, independent tuition provider, offering Maths, English and Science to six to eighteen year olds, our tuition programmes of study are delivered by local subject specialists and are tailored to the specific needs of each individual learner. We therefore present the opportunity for parents of primary, secondary and ‘A’ level students to invest in their child’s future, in a small, friendly environment, where individuality and academic success are of paramount importance.

In tandem with the academic relevance of our work, A Star’s ethos aims to develop the character of each individual student, which we believe helps to produce a confident, well prepared young person, who is able to make the transition from student to undergraduate in a smooth, and fluent way.

Keith Carder, Draycott Racquet & Fitness Club Chairman said "We are delighted to have A Star Tutoring as a new club & competition sponsor.  We believe that success on the court will also lead to success in the classroom".

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